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05 January 2014


Just imagine for a moment in the not so distant future that you have been delayed at work with and unscheduled meeting and find yourself running 45 minutes late for dinner…no just pullout your mobile device and access your oven and with a couple of well placed taps upon the screen, you simply re-calibrate the cooking time on your roast to finish at 7:30 when you arrive home…Science-fiction?  No…not anymore.

The Connected Kitchen will be the next big thing to hit your home…with smart phone  technology slowly creeping into all of your home electronics…it will be just a matter of time before the kitchen, once again becomes the central core of family life.  

Easy, convenient and connected, that’s what the modern homeowner wants in their next appliance. With both partners working, time has become a luxury, so appliances need to step-up and participate in the process and take some of the burden in meal preparation.

The American consumer wants a true smart appliance and not just another mindless drone, They want appliances that can be accessed remotely via a smart-phone or tablet, so they can be free themselves from the confines of the kitchen and to monitor their meals or appliances from where ever they are.  Pre-heat the oven from the office, or start the casserole from the soccer field or maybe the range will speak directly with the factory regarding the results of a remote diagnostic system check. 

Dacor, the Southern California based luxury appliance manufacturer, is no longer imagining the future as much as defining the future with the launch of the Discovery iQ Wall-Oven and Discovery 48” iQ Dual-Fuel Range at the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7 – 10, 2014.

"It’s not about technology for technology sake…it’s about simplifying the process, to make the culinary experience accessible to everyone and to empower the individual" said Steve Joseph at a CES press event.  He went on to say, “Our new products are breaking new ground in the kitchen appliance industry with smart technology that makes cooking an extension of the connected lifestyle." Said Steve Joseph, President of Dacor.

The proprietary iQ Cooking App, accessed through an integrated Android interface,   eliminates the guesswork associated with preparing popular dishes and family recipes by way of a pre-programmed guide.  It enables users to prepare a wide range of dishes to perfection with the touch of a finger. Simply select the desired recipe from the display menu, insert the dish, initiate the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest. Additionally, when the desired cooking time has been reached, the oven will place the dish on warming mode and send you a text that your meal is ready to serve.  

“The Discovery iQ Wall Oven and 48” iQ Range are truly revolutionary and have raised the bar for cooking convenience and performance by combining advanced cooking technology with the insight of the iQ Cooking application. Dacor has empowered the novice chef to perform at expert levels with a simple swipe of a finger. With control features such as Guided Cooking, Quick Start Guide, Slow Cook Mode and Personal Recipe Storage, the home chef is almost guaranteed to cook all their favorite dishes to perfection.

As Arthur C Clark once wrote, "Something is about to happen...something wonderful.". Dacor has truly taken the next step in the advancement of cooking technology and yes Mr Clark...Something "wonderful" is about to happen.

Follow this link to a great YouTUBE video on the iQ Wall Oven :

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