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10 September 2013


With today's modern kitchen consuming as much as 40% of all household energy, energy conscious homeowners will truly appreciate the earth-friendly Renaissance 36" and 30" Induction Cooktops by DACORUsing 90% of the energy they generate for cooking, induction outperforms both standard electric and gas cooktops in both speed and energy conservation, thus making induction the fastest and most energy efficient form of cooking on the planet today.

The Renaissance Induction Cooktop is the perfect blend of sophisticated styling, advanced engineering and quality craftsmanship. The Renaissance Induction Cooktop uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate iron molecules in the cookware to heat the cooking vessel. Each induction element, hidden below the ceramic-glass surface, heats pots and pans quickly and consistently with precise control.

The SenseTech™ Induction Technology automatically detects the presence and size of your cookware and matches energy transference with no residual heat loss, keeping cookware handles and the kitchen cooler. Unlike traditional cooking surfaces that heat up and stay hot long after the meal has been prepared, the glass-ceramic surface quickly cools down once the pot or pan has been removed or turned off.

The Renaissance Induction Cooktop by DACOR is the perfect choice for the modern, energy efficient kitchen.  Designed and manufactured in California, the 36” Induction cooktop with 5 cooking zones and the 4 zone 30” model areavailable in black ceramic glass (as shown with optional Raised Ventilation).  The Renaissance Induction Cooktops are available through authorized Dacor retailers nationwide.

Founded in 1965, the California based DACOR, is a family owned and operated US manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances.  Dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and innovation, DACOR has integrated fashion, function and technology to create unique kitchen products that are built to reflect the lifestyle and needs of the homeowner.  Never one to follow, Dacor continues to push the boundaries of cooking technology, challenging old norms, blazing new trails and setting new benchmarks.


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