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25 October 2012

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For nearly 50 years, Dacor has been the benchmark for design, manufacture and distribution of luxury kitchen appliances, announced the addition of the Distinctive™ 30” Gas Range and Distinctive 30” Electric Range to their successful Distinctive™ Series.  

Exclusivity and premium price tags have long been the hallmark of affluence, but the newest arrivals from DACOR redefine “luxury” and are focused on  quality craftsmanship and ease of use.  Whether you are looking for a stylish upgrade, or a complete kitchen remodel, the Distinctive Ranges are value-engineered to deliver unparalleled power and performance.

Whether gas or electric, these ranges offer exclusive features you would only expect to find in more up-market units, such as an angled control panel for easy viewing, dedicated Illumina™ Indicator Lights with Dacor’s signature flame-blue glow when a cooktop element or oven is on, and professional heavy-duty die-cast stainless steel knobs with a metallic finish to complement the décor of virtually any kitchen.  One of the standout features is the 4.8 cubic foot oven capacity, one of the largest oven interiors on the market today.  In addition, the oven is equipped with two GlideRacks™ with easy-pull handles to assist in managing heavy dishes in and out of the oven.  The Distinctive 30” Gas and 30” Electric Range will be available as free-standing and slide-in models. 

The Distinctive 30” Gas Range is fueled with efficiency. Two exclusive 14” extra-wide continuous platform grates allow home chefs the flexibility to prepare gourmet meals over the largest continuous cooking surface in it’s class.  Three sealed gas burners power-up to 15,000 BTU while one SimmerSear™ burner delivers between 800-18,000 BTU to delicately simmer at a food-safe temperature, or sear without scorching.  Dacor’s exclusive Perma-Flame™ Technology guarantees hours of safe, uninterrupted cooking by automatically re-igniting the flame should a burner unexpectedly go out. Optional interchangeable accessories include a 14” wide griddle, a 14” wide searing grill, and a wok ring, which maximize the cooking experience.

The Distinctive 30” Electric Range is the perfect combination of sophisticated style and expert engineering. A triple, a dual, and two single-circuit heating elements beneath an easy-to-clean black glass surface give home chefs seven cookware position options, with up to 2,500 watts of power.  Each element heats pots and pans quickly and consistently with precise control. The electric range ships standard with Dacor’s exclusive Four-Part Pure Convection™ System, a feature typically found in Dacor’s premium luxury Discovery™ Series Ranges and Wall Ovens.  The convection element, baffle, fan, and filter allow home chefs to simultaneously cook multiple dishes without flavor transfer.

And to top it all off, you can personalize your Distinctive Range by selecting one of two handle options, the professional Epicure® stainless steel handle, or the proprietary DACOR integrated stainless steel handle, giving the range a flush and clean contemporary look.  

The Distinctive 30” Gas and 30” Electric Ranges are designed and manufactured in California, along side many more core cooking products. Pricing for the Distinctive 30” Gas Range starts at $3,099 UMRP and the Distinctive 30” Electric Range at $3,299 UMRP. The ranges are now available through authorized Dacor dealers and retailers nationwide.


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