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21 September 2012

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Professional Cooking for the Home

Swedish based appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, launched Electrolux Grand Cuisine for the European market. The ultra-luxury kitchen appliance line is designed to be the first professional cooking system specifically created for home use and to make it possible to fully recreate a 5-Star restaurant experiences at home.

Electrolux consumer research has identified that there is an increased consumer interest in fresh ingredients, health, seasonality, provenance, and quality. This comes with an increased focus on culinary and restaurant experiences.

Up until now, there has only been limited possibilities to recreate top restaurant experiences at home, because amature home  chefs could not preserve the quality of food or use techniques employed by their professional counter parts.

Electrolux's professional appliances are used by almost half of all Michelin-starred restaurant kitchens in Europe. These same appliances are now being released for residential use. 
Grand Cuisine collection offers features to make it easier for the home chef to get professional results. "Intuitive and interactive touch screens make the products incredibly easy to use,"

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine line includes nine appliances:

Combination Oven
Blast Chiller
Induction Zone
Precision Vacuum Sealer
Gas Hob
Sear Hob
Surround Induction Zone
Stand Mixer
Bespoke Ventilation Systems

At the core of the collection is a Molteni, the iconic French stove

The cooking system is made to order and handcrafted according to individual requirements of the client. Starting price for a full range, excluding the Molteni stove, will be around $110,000.00USD. The cooking appliance system comes with an in-home briefing from a top chef.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting approach.

    The failure of residential appliances to provide the power to produce restaurant results has been the biggest problem for the industry since...the industry. For real, serious cooks this sounds like a great solution, if a somewhat pricey one.

    There are loads of interesting products that are less expensive, but I am sure that the seamless, end-to-end experience this product will provide is probably without peer.

    I don't see a steam the steam function incorporated in the combination oven?

    What's the difference between the "induction zone" and the "surround induction zone"?

    The blast chiller sounds like it might be just a tad overboard, unless it's simply a way of talking about a fridge with serious "pull-down" capacity.

    Thanks for the heads-up. Great post.