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10 September 2012

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Imagine a cook top with no clearly defined boarders or cooking zones, just one large open surface where you can set any pot or pan down and begin cooking without restrictions of limited burner space.  Imagine no more...

Miele, the German based appliance company, unveiled the simple-to-operate but highly versatile FlexTouch induction hob (cooktop) during the IFA trade show in Berlin Aug. 31 through Sep. 5, 2012.

Miele designed the 90 cm (36”) wide FlexTouch to be adaptive to the personal preferences and cooking habits of users. An intuitive user interface allows pots and pans to be placed anywhere on the ceramic cooking surface which covers 36 individual induction coils combine to form overlapping power zones. The cook top recognizes the size and position of pots and pans automatically and shows their position in the display.

MultiMode covers most everyday needs: cooking vessels of varying size and shape can be placed and arranged anywhere on the ceramic surface. Up to five pans can be used simultaneously, a feature that is deemed exclusive to Miele.

SoloMode is designed for special occasions such as family gatherings - all induction coils under the cooking surface are united to form a single large zone. This makes it practical for cooking with several large pans at the same time.

TrioMode allows cooks to work with several different temperature ranges. For example: while meat is kept warm on the far right, the central zone serves to simmer vegetables and on the left water for pasta is brought to a rolling boil.

The cook tops will be available in the German market by the end of October 2012.  No release date has been set for North America.

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