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07 September 2012

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GE consuer research shows that American consumers are looking for an alternative to stainless steel as a premium appliance finish, GE Appliances annouced that it is launching a new finish called "Slate" across its  entire appliance brand.

Stainless steel accounts for 35% of all kitchen appliances sold today, but according to GE research, a large portion of homeowners are looking for something different.

"Slate" is described as a warm, gray metallic with a low-gloss finish that complements a wide spectrum of wall colors, countertop materials, and floor and cabinetry finishes. The finish is intended to be a fit for homeowners who are remodeling an entire kitchen in one appliance color, or to blend with other stainless steel, black, or white appliances. The matte finish on the exterior of the appliances is designed to be easy to clean and to resist fingerprints.

According to Lou Lentz,Director of Design at GE, "Slate is a universal, neutral finish that will suit consumers who want a premium finish that can complement or even replace stainless steel,"

The new finish launches in September 2012 in a full suite of appliances, including two French Door refrigerator models, two freestanding gas range models, two freestanding electric range models, two built-in dishwasher models, and an over-the-range microwave.


  1. I sure hope it's dead! I yearn for the fifties, when you could get color enamel appliances. If I hear another home-buyer on HGTV exclaim "Oh, I just love the Stainless Steel!" I think I'll scream!!

  2. Your web site is top-notch I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my classwork!