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05 October 2012

The Tribal Kitchen...Kitchen News from around the World!

Refrigeration Named the #1 Most Suignificent Invention in the History of Food!
The  UK's national academy of science. the Royal Society, has selected refrigeration as the #1 most significant invention in the history of food and drink. Some relatively modern appliances, such as the microwave and oven as well as barrels, fishing nets, and the knife, were in the top 20.

The Royal Society said the Top 3 items on the list - refrigeration, pasteurization/sterilization, and canning - were all Anglo-French scientific achievements in the 18th and 19th centuries. The society reported that:
1.  Artificial refrigeration was first demonstrated in Glasgow in 1748 and produced commercially in 1805
2.  The first pasteurization test was completed in France in 1862
3.  A British merchant patented the tin can in 1810 (although a year earlier a Frenchman applied a similar process with glass jars and cork)

 "Royal Society Fellows have played vital roles in improving people's lives for 350 years and science has a major role to play in meeting the global challenges of the 21st century," said Sir Williams. "We thought it appropriate to look at how that innovation has shaped what we eat and drink. The poll reveals the huge role science and innovation have played in improving our health and our lives. This is something to which the scientific community continues to add."

The Royal Society's Top 20 Most Significant Inventions in the History of Food and Drink:

1. refrigeration
2. pasteurization / sterilization
3. canning
4. the oven
5. irrigation
6. threshing machine/combine harvester
7. baking
8. selective breeding / strains
9. grinding / milling
10. the plough
11. fermentation
12. the fishing net
13. crop rotation
14. the pot
15. the knife
16. eating utensils
17. the cork
18. the barrel
19. the microwave oven
20. frying

24 September 2012

The Tribal news from around the world


BLANCO, the innovative German sink and faucet manufacturer has taken a modern spin on the traditional "farmhouse" sink with the new BLANCO CERANA Apron Front sink. CERANA is BLANCO's first Fireclay sink in the U.S., made of a natural material that is highly resistant to shock, heat and chipping as well as discoloration.

The newest twist in modern design finds its roots in a practice first used in the late 19th century. Fireclay sink is created by using intense heat of over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 20 hours. BLANCO CERANA keeps the tradition alive while adding modern benefits of computer aided kiln production that keeps temperatures consistent for high quality control, a tight radius and a smooth non-porous finish that is extremely durable, plus easy to clean. The hand-finished CERANA combines artisan technique, high tech automation and a special recipe of fine granular materials, which give the ultra slim, sink its high mechanical strength.

"The luxurious BLANCO CERANA makes a statement on many levels," states Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. "We're seeing the fusion of traditional and contemporary in kitchen design today. Comfort and durability blended with sophisticated styling. The same is true of CERANA. Today, age-old fireclay artisans blend computer engineering to take fireclay to the next level in slimness and functionality. CERANA is also uniquely reversible which allows a designer or homeowner the choice of installing it with a traditional rounded or contemporary contoured look.

What's old is new - translating material function and traditional beauty into today's modern kitchen."

21 September 2012

THE TRIBAL news from around the world

Professional Cooking for the Home

Swedish based appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, launched Electrolux Grand Cuisine for the European market. The ultra-luxury kitchen appliance line is designed to be the first professional cooking system specifically created for home use and to make it possible to fully recreate a 5-Star restaurant experiences at home.

Electrolux consumer research has identified that there is an increased consumer interest in fresh ingredients, health, seasonality, provenance, and quality. This comes with an increased focus on culinary and restaurant experiences.

Up until now, there has only been limited possibilities to recreate top restaurant experiences at home, because amature home  chefs could not preserve the quality of food or use techniques employed by their professional counter parts.

Electrolux's professional appliances are used by almost half of all Michelin-starred restaurant kitchens in Europe. These same appliances are now being released for residential use. 
Grand Cuisine collection offers features to make it easier for the home chef to get professional results. "Intuitive and interactive touch screens make the products incredibly easy to use,"

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine line includes nine appliances:

Combination Oven
Blast Chiller
Induction Zone
Precision Vacuum Sealer
Gas Hob
Sear Hob
Surround Induction Zone
Stand Mixer
Bespoke Ventilation Systems

At the core of the collection is a Molteni, the iconic French stove

The cooking system is made to order and handcrafted according to individual requirements of the client. Starting price for a full range, excluding the Molteni stove, will be around $110,000.00USD. The cooking appliance system comes with an in-home briefing from a top chef.

10 September 2012

The Tribal news from around the world

Imagine a cook top with no clearly defined boarders or cooking zones, just one large open surface where you can set any pot or pan down and begin cooking without restrictions of limited burner space.  Imagine no more...

Miele, the German based appliance company, unveiled the simple-to-operate but highly versatile FlexTouch induction hob (cooktop) during the IFA trade show in Berlin Aug. 31 through Sep. 5, 2012.

Miele designed the 90 cm (36”) wide FlexTouch to be adaptive to the personal preferences and cooking habits of users. An intuitive user interface allows pots and pans to be placed anywhere on the ceramic cooking surface which covers 36 individual induction coils combine to form overlapping power zones. The cook top recognizes the size and position of pots and pans automatically and shows their position in the display.

MultiMode covers most everyday needs: cooking vessels of varying size and shape can be placed and arranged anywhere on the ceramic surface. Up to five pans can be used simultaneously, a feature that is deemed exclusive to Miele.

SoloMode is designed for special occasions such as family gatherings - all induction coils under the cooking surface are united to form a single large zone. This makes it practical for cooking with several large pans at the same time.

TrioMode allows cooks to work with several different temperature ranges. For example: while meat is kept warm on the far right, the central zone serves to simmer vegetables and on the left water for pasta is brought to a rolling boil.

The cook tops will be available in the German market by the end of October 2012.  No release date has been set for North America.

07 September 2012

THE TRIBAL news from around the world

GE consuer research shows that American consumers are looking for an alternative to stainless steel as a premium appliance finish, GE Appliances annouced that it is launching a new finish called "Slate" across its  entire appliance brand.

Stainless steel accounts for 35% of all kitchen appliances sold today, but according to GE research, a large portion of homeowners are looking for something different.

"Slate" is described as a warm, gray metallic with a low-gloss finish that complements a wide spectrum of wall colors, countertop materials, and floor and cabinetry finishes. The finish is intended to be a fit for homeowners who are remodeling an entire kitchen in one appliance color, or to blend with other stainless steel, black, or white appliances. The matte finish on the exterior of the appliances is designed to be easy to clean and to resist fingerprints.

According to Lou Lentz,Director of Design at GE, "Slate is a universal, neutral finish that will suit consumers who want a premium finish that can complement or even replace stainless steel,"

The new finish launches in September 2012 in a full suite of appliances, including two French Door refrigerator models, two freestanding gas range models, two freestanding electric range models, two built-in dishwasher models, and an over-the-range microwave.