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22 August 2009


The 60cm x 60cm (24”x24”) oven size has long been a European standard for over 30 years. It was introduced in Germany in the mid-1960’s as a form of consumer protection.

This standardized oven size would allow consumers to replace their oven with newer models with new options, features and aesthetics, not on the size of the hole left by the old oven. The US appliance industry could learn a thing or two from their European cousins, as almost every US manufacturer builds their product to their on standard, forcing the American consumer to purchase a new oven from the same supplier or having to remodel the existing kitchen to allow for new appliances.

For the first time in nearly 30 years, a new size matrix of 60cm x 45cm (24”x18”) has been introduced into the US market by the Europeans. First launched in the form of a steam-convection oven and then as an integrated coffee machine. Now all cooking elements are available, including a convection oven, steam-convection oven, micro-convection oven as well as a coffee system and now, for the first time in the US, a fully integrated TV.

The new aesthetic opens up a whole new design opportunity for personalization, with the ability to introduce in line cooking as well as the opportunity to place cooking elements throughout the kitchen and living areas. With personalization at the forefront of modern kitchen design, we find that this new matrix offers the consumer the ability to mix and match appliances to reflect their individual cooking style. Though one size may not fit all...I am sure that it will find a much appreciated niche.